Research Groups that are a full member of the Recharge Center

Group Professor/PI Grants Manager Administrative Staff
ML (Machine Learning) Yisong Yue Susan Powell Alma Rangel-Fuentes
Perflab Adam Wierman Kevin Wong Jolene Brink
Mlecon Eric Mazumdar Annie Chow
Netlab Steven Low Kevin Wong Christine Ortega
Imaging Katie Bouman Kevin Wong Diane Goodfellow
GG Al Barr Kevin Wong Louise Foucher
Theory Leonard Schulman Kevin Wong Linda Taddeo
Complexity Chris Umans Kevin Wong Alma Rangel-Fuentes
Geometry Mathieu Desbrun Kevin Wong Diane Goodfellow
AMS Andrew Stuart Kevin Wong Jolene Brink
CDS John Doyle Jaymie Mateo Monica Nolasco
CQState Thomas Vidick Susan Powell Bonnie Leueng

Research Groups that have an reduced support component

Group Professor/PI Grants Manager Administrative Staff
Multires Peter Schröder Kevin Wong Linda Taddeo
Tensorlab Anima Anandkumar Susan Powell Alma R. Rangel-Fuentes
Optimize Venkat Chandrasekaran Kevin Wong Jolene Brink
CDS Richard Murray Annie Chow Monica Nolasco
ACM Tom Hou Kevin Wong Diana Bohler
ACM Houman Owhadi Kevin Wong Diana Bohler
ACM Joel Tropp Kevin Wong Jolene Brink

Emeritus Professors

  • Infospheres (K. Mani Chandy)

Research Groups that are not part of the Recharge Center

  • Brunolab (Oscar Bruno)

Administrative Accounts Covered by GB

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