Every CMS user has the ability to host a user space web page while they maintain an active account.

Note that these pages require your home directory to exist, so when you leave the institute this page will disappear. Because of the way the server is configured, we don't do forwarding of user-private web pages. If you want a web presence that will persist after you graduate or leave Caltech, you'll need to host a page as part of your research group's web space (if your advisor maintains a research group space).

User web pages are hosted at:


Where "username" is the user's account name.

To create this page, you'll need to access your CMS home directory, accessible via the host "login.cms.caltech.edu" with either an SSH or SCP client. If you're primarily a Windows user, you'll need a SCP client such as WinSCP to copy your web page to your CMS home directory. If you're used to using the command line, you can open a Terminal window (on a Mac) or download PuTTY (on a Windows machine) and ssh directly to the interactive login host and use a command line text editor to create your page directly in the terminal.

Once you log into login.cms.caltech.edu, you need to create the folder "public_html" in your home directory, e.g.:


This folder should be world-readable and world-executable, so the file permissions should look like this, if you're doing a directory listing:

drwxr-xr-x 6 username group 4096 Oct 16 2018 public_html/

Once you create the folder and make sure you have the correct permissions, you can put an index.html file in your public_html folder, and the contents will show up on the web at the appropriate URL.

-- PatrickCahalan - 2021-10-04
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